Retweet if you think the Senate must #ConvictTrump

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You can watch #ConvictTrump on all platforms!





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For the first time the MeidasTouch Podcast is on Apple, Spotify, and wherever podcasts are available. Thanks to you it's the number 38 news podcast in the USA!! Subscribe now and take a listen!

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@TheDude9737 @MeidasTouch Just hit him in his bank accounts!

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We are taking on Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and any elected official or candidate up and down the ballot this cycle that cheered on, fueled and supported the insurrection. Help us get these billboards up immediately:

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@MeidasTouch Sedition has consequences. Trump is about to find out what that means, real soon!

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@MeidasTouch Let’s just lock him up in Mar-A-Lago w Ivanka, Jr, Kushner, Giuliani and call it Surreal Life 2021- Sedition-Edition

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I voted for #Tempo in the #XMenVote ; their mutant powers can be used, especially when combined with other mutants, to have some *really* interesting and cool things happen.

"Her mutant gift allows her to manipulate time itself in close vicinity to herself."

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Polaris of course, she was in the iconic cartoon series #XMenVote

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Do you need Valentine Mug, Pillow, T-shirt, and other cloth? Check my recent Valentine work

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#XSpoilers lol Strong Guy’s picture for the #XMenVote is from Rahne’s memory of him stabbing her son in this week’s New Mutants.

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