"I wish we could find those responsible for spreading a baseless conspiracy theory that undermined our electoral process & radicalized Trump supporters to the point of killing a Capitol policeman w/ a fire extinguisher on the way to hang Mike Pence-guess we'll never know!"
- @gop

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@joodge64 Profile picture Judy A


 1 month ago

@NBCThoughts @PadmaLakshmi @GOP A first grader would have enough sense to understand that the “stolen election” narrative is a lie.

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"Trump won this election. So everyone who's listening- do not be quiet! We cannot allow this to happen before our very eyes." - @GOPLeader

"Today is the day American patriots start taking down names & kicking ass." - @RepMoBrooks

"We will not go quietly!" - @tedcruz

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@PadmaLakshmi @GOP I agree. Let’s start at first grade math. Stolen Election. 8 million votes that was the difference. But we use the electoral college. Their contention was Georgia. Biden won by 76 votes and Georgia only has 16. It was all BS and show. A first grader could add that up.

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 1 month ago

@PadmaLakshmi @GOP I don’t understand why we can’t. Where I used to work we had cameras inside&out and I’m filmed in every store I go into. Surely the Capitol Buildings that tell the whole story of who was shown in and by who. If gtry don’t have cameras, why not?

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@PadmaLakshmi @GOP someone should tell her dems have the white house, senate and house soon and she should be, shall we say...CONCERNED

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@PadmaLakshmi @GOP Need to pressure Fox News advertisers until all that’s left are @realMikeLindell MyPillow spots running 24/7

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"The swamp isn't truly drained until we've nailed the hides of the alligators to the wall." - @mattgaetz

"This is our 1776 moment." - @mtgreenee

"Freedom isn't cheap but... you get to go back home once we conquer the hill." - @repgosar

"We fight, finish, keep." - @jim_jordan

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 1 month ago

@PadmaLakshmi @GOP 🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄😡😡😡

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Friday Food
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Having a good productive talk with a stranger or an elder feels better than wasting hours talking shit with friends!

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I needed this reminder. Figured others may as well. #HappyFriday #FridayMotivation #FridayVibes

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