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 1 day ago

To the 197 republicans who voted no on impeachment, what would it have taken? Storming the capital in a tan suit?

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@Strain42 @birbigs I'm upset that I read this tweet before bed so now I'll have nightmares of Donald Trump in a tan suit.

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@Travon @birbigs Remember when they went insane because foreign bad guys attacked an embassy and there were a million hours of hearings about how it was Hillary's fault? But this is meh

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 1 day ago

@patrickrogers @birbigs GOP went bat-shit crazy when Obama wore a light tan suit. The audacity! Apparently it's a navy or black suit or go home.
I like that. Go home, GOP Traitors.

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@birbigs I think you meant tan skin*

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@birbigs Omgosh. Your tweets have been pure gold lately! Thanks for the belly laughs. 🤣🤣🤣

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 1 day ago

@ebplais @birbigs They took an oath. Not an option. Resign or impeach

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 1 day ago

@birbigs A tan suit right after eating a hamberder with spicy mustard so there's a big old spicy mustard stain on the lapel of his tan suit.

...also when you really think about it...Yes, Donald would look HORRIBLE in a tan suit. Like...more so.

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 1 day ago

@birbigs Showing their bare arms maybe?

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 1 day ago

@birbigs Apparently some of them are terrified that Trump will kill their families by proxy

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@birbigs While saluting with a coffee cup

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Spent 2020 right with some of my favourite homies, my guys @Agony @AmericanDadLive and @x_Scp among so many others.

2021, let's do this. This girl hopes to see herself on others twitch 2021 recaps! Come hang out, link in bio!

#2020twitchrecap #twitchrecap

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2020 was bananas for my streaming, let's see how 2021 turns up for us on the streaming side :)

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#twitchrecap @Twitch it was a decent 2020, but idk why MW3 is there 🤣 @BrutalBearMan always you ❤ and BOP cause @CoffinxKing 🤣❤

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2020 was a wonky year for me with streaming and balancing work. Still pulled it off to some degree! Thanks for those that hangout and believe in me! 🥰 #twitchrecap #TwitchRecap2020

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@TheyCallMeDSP: Here is my 2020 Twitch recap! I’m very surprised that Nioh 2 ended up being my most-streamed game. Not shown, chatter Boylem redeemed the most channel points last year. Thanks for making it as awesome one! #twitchrecap #TwitchRecap2020

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Mon année 2020 pour #Twitch ! #TwitchRecap

Par contre... Y'a un bug pour les followers non ? 🤔
(Ou alors je me suis encore fait raid bot entre temps... Encore...)

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