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BMF it’s lit 🔥 I got him 💪 🎥 💣BOOM 💥 BMF it’s lit 🔥 I got him 💪 🎥 💣BOOM 💥

BMF it’s lit 🔥 I got him 💪 🎥 💣BOOM 💥

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@50cent drose 😂

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@50cent I want to be in the show also🙂 Pick Me, pick me 😁

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@50cent Avon barksdale in the game again

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@50cent 50cent boss

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@50cent This is my year

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@50cent We need you help❤️whatever you do is everything 4us..Retweet,👀our page..He is the love of my life,my heart,you saved my life and made me a better person,I promise im bout to fight to the end for what is yours 🖤👶🏽JUSTICE4US✊🏾❤️

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@50cent True. I'm lit as well.

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 2 months ago

Last song/video I dropped! In case you missed it!

Positive vibez in these crazy times. 💯💯💯🌴

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God bless!

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Apparently there are a lot of people who don’t understand the emoluments clause! Stay in a hotel is totally different than receiving a gift! #SCOTUS

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No legal consequences whatsoever for Trump for his violations of the #EmolumentsClause thanks to the #SCOTUS. They just effectively neutered part of the U.S. Constitution. via @zoetillman

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THATS why they want to be president so they can break laws and get away with it. How are you sitting in judgement of ANYBODY if you won’t sit in judgement of EVERYBODY? Prez sped up death row murders but HIS CRIMES are ‘moot’
If this stands, USA aint shyt
@ProjectLincoln #SCOTUS

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@BuzzFeedNews I guess the statute of limitations is a second past noon on Jan 20th. Total bull shit @Scotus #NoJustuceNoDemocracy #SCOTUS #MondayVibes

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@HansNilssen1 @GeorgeComstoc12 Good to know, I still think #scotus acted politically, they had an entire term to carry out their Constitutional duty to address Emoluments violations.

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#SCOTUS is a joke now. End the filibuster, pass legislation, add seats to SCOTUS. Republicans deserve nothing less. If Democrats can’t deliver they will lose big in 2024.

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More than a little pissed about the #SCOTUS decision about letting Trump slide since he’s no longer in office, anyway. Wtf?? What the actual fuck? When else would they be able to DO something about it, since they don’t want to do it while he’s in office?

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#SCOTUS we can either pack the courts or if Breyer were to step down replace him. Also the filibuster needs to die minority rule doesn't take the country hostage. #EndTheFilibuster #MoscowMitch #

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