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 5 days ago

17,500 Covishield doses reach Puducherry

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The Real Villain Is This 不不不 #TheBachelor

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I get that Sarah was not handling things well but the girls couldnt even give her an OUNCE of grace when her dad is dying #TheBachelor

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Man. I partially understand these girls frustration but some of yall are frickin mean... #TheBachelor

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Yuh get it i guess! Why is this # not working anymore this is so #TheBachelor #Bachelor #bachelorabc #WWERaw

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My feelings for Sarah this episode #TheBachelor

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Psychopath of the week goes to Sarah #TheBachelor

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Man, as quickly as Victoria became the villain, Sarah has quickly surpassed her in the ranks. #TheBachelor

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Way to go, Katie. Really kind of her to check on Sarah. Hard to know whats going on with someone unless you ask! #TheBachelor

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