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 2 weeks ago

DGP Balaji Srivastava IPS hands over. Leaving behind memorable work. During his time Rowdyism and Land grabbing came under strict control.
He goes back to @DelhiPolice
As Special Commisioner Vigilance.
@BhallaAjay26 @AmitShah

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@thekiranbedi @BhallaAjay26 'Land grabbings' have emerged in the form of ⛺-MAFIA occupations over entire NW Delhi.

The areas meant for - जप, तप, मंत्रजाप, साधना & ध्यान have now been all gobbled by this #RogueState without fail! ?

Now how do we concentrate?

How should we meditate??


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@thekiranbedi @DelhiPolice @BhallaAjay26 @AmitShah पुडुचेरी 1 यूनियन टेरिटरी है जो केंद्र सरकार के अंतर्गत आता है किंतु वहां पर भी धर्म परिवर्तन जैसी घटना है अभी भी हो रही है और जातिवाद अभी भी है तो बीजेपी वहां पर देखें कि धर्म परिवर्तन क्यों हो रहे हैं उनको रोक लगाएं जातिवाद को खत्म करें लोगों की समस्या का समाधान निकालें

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 2 weeks ago

@thekiranbedi @DelhiPolice @BhallaAjay26 @AmitShah Applauding his work

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 2 weeks ago

@ModifiedSaurav @thekiranbedi @DelhiPolice @BhallaAjay26 @AmitShah @LGov_Puducherry Have you met him at any point of time Or do you have any instance where you being inspired by him?

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@thekiranbedi @DelhiPolice @BhallaAjay26 @AmitShah Sir..You did Commendable Work during your tenure in Puducherry and has been pillar of strength & backbone in running government along with @LGov_Puducherry team & @thekiranbedi Mam. Wish you all the best for your new journey. Thank you sir, people of Puducherry will miss you.😞🙏🏻

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@thekiranbedi @DelhiPolice @BhallaAjay26 @AmitShah जय हो

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