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Access to A better education is a social justice issue...Donate to and help at risk kids live the American Dream...

Shout out to our @iamcollegetrack scholars, Erick and Belen, featured in @iamwill’s new American Dream video!

Text "DREAM" to 41411 or visit to learn more about the work being done to help at risk students in the US.

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Watch the full music video here >> and consider donating to help #students like ours have equal access to a life of opportunity and choice, through the power of higher #education.

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@Ventwithkatie I’m glad you confronted Victoria on her behavior. It’s not right and the fact she’s just being toxic is something she needed to be called out on. I’m proud of you. #TheBachelor

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Aww Michelle, I like her so far #TheBachelor

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Why is Victoria THIS horrible... Anna too but Victoria actually acts disgusting🥴 #TheBachelor

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Katie deserves the world. @ me. @BachelorABC #TheBachelor #TheBachelorABC

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#TheBachelor Anna is really disgusting person to say that about someone that she is an “escort” before u know anything about her! Victoria is just a Bully! Throw them BOTH off! @mattjames919 What kind of ladies are they???? 👎👎👎👎👎They should be ASHAMED!!!!

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Does anyone else see this? Like I would be intimidated if Rosario Dawson showed up too. #TheBachelor

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Honestly I forgot the show was about Matt because this whole episode was about the girls #TheBachelor

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LOLLL these insecure ass girls on #TheBachelor are so pathetic. Wow. I hope he sends them home.

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