@jimmykimmel Profile picture Jimmy Kimmel


 1 week ago

I'd be so embarrassed if my mom saw me with an insurrection.

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@GoLonghorns45 @jimmykimmel The news reported that Health advisors are calling this a super spreader event. So maybe it will??

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@jimmykimmel Too late

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@Cheynecg Profile picture Cheyne Hessler


 1 week ago

@jimmykimmel The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I guess.

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@jimmykimmel You'd think natural selection would have intervened

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@mackeye Profile picture Erwin Mack


 1 week ago

@jimmykimmel Poor lamb...

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@Flap_Jackson_ Profile picture Trey Allen


 1 week ago

@jimmykimmel Gotta have someone to drive you back to the hotel she paid for.

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@jimmykimmel I knew it was his mom! I Knew It! 🤦‍♀️🤬

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@Ajbaloney Profile picture Joan kimmel


 1 week ago

@jimmykimmel So far so good...💕mom

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Aaron Rodgers right now! #TBvsGB

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Intercepción a Brady // 3 y Fuera de los Packers #TBvsGB

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Why!! A wasted turnover #TBvsGB #NFL  #NFLUK

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Packers literally wasted that offensive possession. They can’t win playing like that. #TBvsGB

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Bro who TH is calling these plays?? Can't we see what works?? #TBvsGB

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Why won't Bruce Arians just commit to bleeding the clock? It doesn't have to be high flying all the time. That throw by Brady to Evans is high, but Fournette is killing them on the ground. BA is costing them the game. Take the FG worst case.




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Their down 5 let’s relax people lol #TBvsGB

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