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 1 week ago

Twitter was a way for us to know where Trump was, like when they put a bell on a cow.

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@KiachaMalone @jimmykimmel Immediate strip the linens, shake, flap, throw in washer.

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 1 week ago
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@BrenMCO @jimmykimmel I remember this so well that I recall he was reading MyPet Goat aloud...

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 1 week ago

@jimmykimmel Remember the response when George Bush waited seconds to respond to 9/11? DJT waited hours to have any response at all and his first response was to "love" the terrorists.

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 1 week ago

@jimmykimmel Yea but most of the time he was on the toilet.

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@jimmykimmel It is better he is off the bigger platforms.

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 1 week ago


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@jimmykimmel This is like losing sight of a spider in bed at night.

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 1 week ago

@jimmykimmel I wonder what he does to compensate for being banned from everything now.

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If the #Bucs can score a TD on this drive it will be big! #GBvsTB

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I would love to see DE take the screen rush technique to the NFL. To all Defensive Linemen, I promise you there is a VERY slime chance you get a sack chancing the QB on a screen play. Help your defense and Read the play! #GBvsTB #NFCChampionship

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#Packers 3rd down defense can't play any worse. #GBvsTB

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I couldn’t hate Tom Brady more than I do right now. Ugg wearing Trumpie. #GBvsTB

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Green Bay can’t stop Leonard Fournette. Until they do, they may not be able to pull out a victory. #GBvsTB

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Bucs defense holds up and allows Tom Brady the chance to operate with a lead. 14-10 game after the Packers field goal. #GBvsTB

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