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At the #RamaKrishnaMission #youthday
(Thanku @mailshiv for this recall)

National Youth Day | Youth | Dr. Kiran Bedi via @YouTube

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@thekiranbedi @mailshiv @YouTube "नोजवान अब केदे बदनिजामं हो चुके है
उठो,बजुरगवार कोई इंकलाब लाया जाए " A couplet of my poem

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Have y’all tried #TheBachelorKissingChallenge It’s simple. Stare at your S.O. while you make out to make sure they’re still there. #thebachelor #thebachelormemes #comedy

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& none of the girls know about Sarah’s dad. Just be nice. #TheBachelor

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“Matt potentially feels the same way I feel about him.” - One of the 10 women who went on a group date and spent three minutes with him before being swapped out with another contestant. #TheBachelor

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I’m sorry but this season is full of mean girls and bullies #TheBachelor

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it’s wild that katie is the one that was interrupted and could be the most mad but she’s really being the best about this. she told them to act classy about it. i like dat #TheBachelor

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Matt is as guilty of acting the fool as Sarah. #TheBachelor

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#TheBachelor Matt, go home with Sarah. Meet her dad before he is called home. See if you want to love her for the rest of your life

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Who said welcome back when Matt came back downstairs??? #TheBachelor

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