With #SamsungUnpacked drawing closer, we’re working hard to bring you some exciting news. Which field of innovation and advancement are you hoping to see us reveal?

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@HusseinAlkaboss Profile picture Echo


 1 week ago

@23VikasR @SamsungMobile @stufflistings It's literally the case for every phone except the original Fold.

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@t1ayanokoji Profile picture nikOtakai


 1 week ago

@SamsungMobile I think k saw this tweet before.

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@SamsungMobile plz the design cuz most of the phones have only blue & black color which is really boring & common

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@23VikasR Profile picture Vikas R


 1 week ago

@SamsungMobile We know everything about it, because @stufflistings leaked everything and you are doing a launch event just for unveiling a price 🤣🤣

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@SamsungMobile Samsung eco sysytem needs an update

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@Sava62550147 Profile picture Sava


 1 week ago

@SamsungMobile When i am the first vote

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@SamsungMobile ecosystem!!!!

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#whendoesitstop ? When we don't elect people like Joe Biden (or Donald Trump) who have both been credibly accused of rape.

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Tw : rape
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tw // rape

Girls' dresses will NEVER be the reason rapes happens

It's boys' fcking hormones and them not knowing how to control and behave

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