Any MAGA or Q conspiracy defectors can come sit next to me in the school cafeteria. I imagine it’s really scary to lose the friends and sense of community, but I promise you will gain a new one. Your past doesn’t have to define you. Let’s move forward together

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@alexbreeze @SarahKSilverman Yes. We all have to make nice with the murderous Nazis.

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@machine_in_use @SarahKSilverman 😂😂😂 and order them well done!

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@BushLeagueBP Profile picture B.B. Porter


 4 days ago
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@SarahKSilverman You are a much better person than most. Thank you for trying to bridge relationships, even with the most unlikely of people.

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@SarahKSilverman Why would they need you when they have friends like these who are giving them a ride to the party? ;)

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@alexbreeze Profile picture Alex


 4 days ago

@SarahKSilverman This attitude is much needed. I hope America can reconcile and unite.

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@machine_in_use Profile picture M B 🦋


 4 days ago

@SarahKSilverman Be careful, they put ketchup on steaks.

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@SarahKSilverman Yes. Join us in the fight against fascism.

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@SarahKSilverman Are you trying to Cobra Kai them?

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America, it is time for a general strike until Trump is removed from office, through whatever means available.

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#twitchrecap 2020 featuring @Undead_Kirsty @WhippyNotPoopy @GibsAndPieces if not already go drop them a follow

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My 2020 #twitchrecap is pretty cool

For 2021? I'm going to move the earth 🌍

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I spent 1,000 hours streaming to twitch in 2020. One thousand.

Thank you for hanging out with me for 42 days. #twitchrecap #TwitchRecap2020

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Monstermerlin1? Ist das ein Streamer oder wer? #TwitchRecap

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Here is my #twitchrecap absolutely grinded this year. Taking a different approach this year and trying some new ideas and following old Passions.

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Thanks to everyone who made last year not too terrible!! #twitch #twitchrecap #twitchstreamer

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hey poggies #twitchrecap

ty lads

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