For the record, white republicans who told white supremacists to overthrow the government and watched them kill police officers and shit on our capitol are begging us to move on and forget this. That’s their legacy. Forever. And no, sorry, we cannot move on this time.

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@hopefulresident @AkilahObviously You can’t heal from cancer until you first remove the tumors. You don’t heal just by not talking about it.

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@RealStAubin Profile picture St Aubin


 5 days ago

@koinoyokan77 @AkilahObviously You forgot "imprisonment"

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@AkilahObviously Screw moving on. We should throw this in their faces every day for as long as they live!

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@AkilahObviously Oh come on it was just a few kkk and nazis there weren't even that many

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@AkilahObviously Literally SHIT on our Capitol!

No we are NOT moving on.

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 5 days ago

@AkilahObviously Yep! These are acts perpetrated against the nation that can only be fixed by their removal from politics. They violated their oaths restitution must be made.

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@AkilahObviously We need justice now. Unity later.

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My show isn’t gonna just start talking about other shit. The news cycle isn’t gonna be about something random Trump said anymore. Here come four years of fucking consequences.

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#twitchrecap Watched @PierXBL for 111 hrs. @bugha for 75 hrs, and @GfuelJared for 68 hrs. this is INSANE!!!

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Até que melhorou um pouco depois do Afiliado.


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#twitchrecap uhhh I'll let you I have watched way too much twitch lmao. Boxbox was 450 hours watched, with OGB at 278 hours, then Scarra at 159 hours! Been a really cool year getting to meet new communities this year!

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1,550 horas viendote y no me canso de verte eres mi streamer/youtuber favorito desde hace mas de 7 años viendote y sigo cagandome de risa con el ded y ahora tambien con la nepthunie 😎♥️ #twitchrecap @dedreviil @Nephtunie

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Soy excluida hasta del #TwitchRecap 🤡

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