Impeachment does not "divide our country." Unpunished white power coup attempts divide our country.

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@Pejjone @Public_Citizen Well, because those are native lands

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@Public_Citizen Not naming White Supremacy (racism) full throated is the end of your country. Absence of justice is tyranny.

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 6 days ago
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@Public_Citizen Obama drone striked a 16 yr old american..without trial.
When's that get dealt with? Or his 8yr sister who Trump had killed.

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@Public_Citizen The United States will not negotiate with terrorist but letโ€™s keep one in the White House and nickname the other one the @GOP , ok 2021, I see what ya did there...

Chill, I voted for the email lady, just sayin...

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 6 days ago

@Public_Citizen Why not give these white ppl Alaska and couple of reservations and leave those who want to go there to their own?

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The lessons from Japan's right-wing coup attempts in the 1930s:

1. Punish the plotters harshly

2. Don't appease the plotters' ideology

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Ayฤฑn evrelerini yaลŸฤฑyoruz.. yakฤฑnda yรผzรผmรผz gรผneลŸe dรถnecek ve birlikte aydฤฑnlanacaฤŸฤฑz.

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เธซเธฅเนˆเธญเธ—เธตเนˆเธชเธธเธ” เธœเธนเน‰เธŠเธฒเธขเธ—เธฑเน‰เธ‡7

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