Replying to @KellyClarksonTV: Celebrating #ChicagoHour with this CHICAGO classic 🎶 #Kellyoke

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Celebrating #ChicagoHour with this CHICAGO classic 🎶 #Kellyoke

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Y’all’s teenage daughter Kristina? That your husband used to do? Ain’t no way I’m looking at any of my mans exes like that lol. co parent sure, but ain’t gonna be no “living on our land”. Idc if I’m alone on this either. Being all Loosey goosey often doesn’t work #TeenMomOG

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The best part of this episode so far is the commercial letting us know Floribama Shore is coming back!!! #TeenMomOG #FloribamaShore

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Gary is such a good guy, but I wouldn't have the patience his wife has dealing with Amber #TeenMomOG

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Ppl don’t understand a healthy minded absent parent is best for the child so if I got to help you keep ur sanity I will so u can be a better parent to our child #TeenMomOG

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Cheyenne seems like the nicest person to know #TeenMomOG

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Caitlin’s shirt says “F-Bomb mom with tattoos, pretty eyes and thick thighs” .... that’s it. That’s the post because I’m deceased. ⚰️ #TeenMomOG

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@itssmayraaa He needs to put in boundaries. He needs to see a therapist to put boundaries in place so Leah does not see what disfunctional relationship are like, because that’s just messed that he was at Ambers house every day that week. He ain’t #mormon #TeenMomOG

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cory and chey can coparent easily bc they were never really in a relationship. she liked him more than he liked her but everything worked out! #teenmomog

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