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 1 week ago

Tommy Lasorda was a legendary baseball figure who will be greatly missed. Here he is offering batting instructions to my son Jack who, two weeks later, quit little league. #RIPTommyLasorda

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@TheCousinSal This is your best parent corner yet but a great story nonetheless!

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 1 week ago

@TheCousinSal Wow. Just wow. Good on you and yours.

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 1 week ago

@TheCousinSal As a Giants fan, I hate the Dodgers. But, Tommy Lasorda was one of the genuinely nicest guys ever and a great manager!! He will be missed!

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@TheCousinSal 87 year old Tommy signing a printout of an eBay listing of a $1.25 Mickey Hatcher rookie card. Tommy looked at and signed this ridiculous item (which is framed in my classroom) and said "He grew up here in Phoenix. And then went to college in Oklahoma". Sharp as a tack! RIP

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 1 week ago
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 1 week ago

@TheCousinSal He told @adamcarolla he could make the show. Real eye for talent

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 1 week ago

@zonachris @TheCousinSal I must know what he said that offended them. 😂

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 1 week ago

@TheCousinSal He was the guest of honor at my local little league opening day a few years back. His speech offended half the folks there. It was great.

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 1 week ago

@TheCousinSal This is fantastic. #RIP

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Victoria matt #bachelor      #Bachelor  #TheBachelor abigail Clare field date card Rachel Bri Sarah going home mean girls gang bullying Katie speech mature nice Sarah dad is sick came here five new girls Victoria mean pink eye style bra sex toy escort

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omg. i’m only on the 1st episode but this season is already headed towards the one of the greatest seasons. he kissed the deaf girl and gave her the 1st impression rose 😭 #TheBachelor the bachelor is redeeming itself! (about time)

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Low key one of my favorite parts of The Bachelor is for the first 5 minutes I catch of The Good Doctor where the autistic guy brags about how much sex he has
#TheBachelor #thegooddoctor

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What a roller coaster. I have so much respect for Katie for not only checking on Sarah and hearing her out, but also for the classy words she spoke back to the rest of the girls. Reminder that everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. #TheBachelor

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Where did those hiccups came from 😂🤣😂 #TheBachelor

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@carbarton @thesarahtrott @BacheloretteABC I agree.

I was disgusted watching this episode. From the moment they said she fainted for attention - I was livid.

This franchise needs to start getting their act together bc am at my limit with all of it.

Wishing @thesarahtrott & family the best esp, Dad #TheBachelor

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Whewwww that preview! These people are reality tv gold #TheBachelor #bachelorabc

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Tonight's #TheBachelor:

- We need to protect Serena P, Abigail, Bri, and Katie.
- Still surprised (but not) that Victoria is here
- Sarah going home is hopefully good for all involved...I hope she's OK. We stan Katie.

See ya Monday 😅🌹

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