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Quoted @SpaceX

Watch Falcon 9 launch the Turksat 5A mission →

Launch underway

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@TrafficBarrels @elonmusk please block off the restroom, im taking a massive dump and cant risk anyone being contaminated

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@elonmusk Thank you Elon, very cool

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@elonmusk Donations when

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@elonmusk Noti

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@elonmusk Congratulations.

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@elonmusk Noice

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Where is this $1.9 Trillion coming from? #CovidReliefBill

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@HawleyMO you want to do something to truly help your constituents? Instead of enabling a insurrection, vote yes on the stimulus package. That'll help us in Missouri who you say you represent. #stimuluspackage #stimulusbill #stimuluschecks #CovidReliefBill #COVID

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Dems narrow congressional majority makes getting things done on behalf of the non wealthy extremely difficult #CovidReliefBill

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So the #CovidReliefBill has 9% for relief and 91% pork. How can the Democrats sleep at night?@FoxNews @CNN @RandPaul @LeaderMcConnell @DanaPerino @dbongino

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#CaptainTomMoore #CaptainTom# #Brexit #CovidReliefBill #UK #BrexitShambles

What a fuss 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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Disappointing that @RepJohnKatko voted against #CovidReliefBill. A bill that gives relief to struggling families, small businesses and municipalities.

He had no problem however, passing the Trump tax bill four years ago which gave huge breaks to the wealthy. #NY24

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Some companies can easily afford to their employees a minimum pay $15/hr, but choose not to. #MinimumWage #StimulusCheck #Biden #progressive #BernieSanders #CovidReliefBill #American #greed

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