One of our best calls. Tadich Grill in Sf. Oldest bar west of Mississippi #barstoolfund

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This is the text I got after the call. AMAZING. I never thought we’d have a Dave Portnoy Day

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@JookieSpooky Profile picture Joke de Hoog


 2 weeks ago

@stoolpresidente ♥️♥️♥️

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@stoolpresidente How do you do these calls without losing it every time?

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@stoolpresidente Who’s cutting onions

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@Lerchylerchh Profile picture Alex


 2 weeks ago

@stoolpresidente This stuff will never ever get old and I’m sure every call feels like the first for you!!! Keep it up #barstoolfund to the moon

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@stoolpresidente Loving these posts ❤️Dave you make me smile!

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@JayJaymorris3 Profile picture Jay Morris


 2 weeks ago

@stoolpresidente Classic spot.

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@Trevor66897716 Profile picture Trevor


 2 weeks ago
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@ShameShady Profile picture ShadyShame


 2 weeks ago

@stoolpresidente Even better when they’re cute like her

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@SatlokChannel Lord Kabir Ji met Supach Sudarshan

In the Dwapar Yug, Lord Kabir had come in the name of Karunamay.
At that time, He met Supach Sudarshan, and provided him the treasure of true worship.

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#MondayMotivation: one of our business training participants in #Iraq has been using what little free time she has to make + donate face masks to her local community.

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If you can’t change the cards you’re dealt change how you play your hand.


Have a great week!

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[ #MondayMotivation]
| #TousVolontaires |

Envie de bouger, de sauter, de courir, de partager, …

Vous vous reconnaissez dans les valeurs telles que la solidarité, l'esprit de corps, le courage, le dévouement…

N’attendez plus #RejoignezNous !

▶️ :

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Monday’s are lame! But let’s remember to take care of ourselves. ❤️
#mondaythoughts #MondayMotivation #MondayMorning #MotivationalQuotes #MentalHealthAwareness #mentalhealthmatters

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Lord Kabir Ji met Nanak Dev ji when he was bathing in Bei River. Lord Kabir ji told him that he is Supreme God and lives in Sachkhand. Kabir Saheb told him Satnaam.

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# #MondayMotivation

Purna Moksha is possible only by obtaining scriptural devotion from Purna Guru which is presently available in the world to none other than @SaintRampalJiM

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