Very excited that the launch window for Virgin Orbit’s Launch Demo 2 mission opens this Sunday, with opportunities to launch throughout January. The brilliant team are making their way through final reviews, checks and readiness discussions, follow @Virgin_Orbit for the latest

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@SamPal02250997 Profile picture Sam Pal


 2 weeks ago

@saurabhmehta_us @richardbranson @Virgin_Orbit I hope it will be with lucid air

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@noelelprofe Profile picture Noel Graham


 2 weeks ago

@richardbranson @Virgin_Orbit That’s so cool!

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@heretobrowse_ Profile picture Chris


 2 weeks ago

@richardbranson @Virgin_Orbit Looking forward to hearing on the test flight window for @virgingalactic too @richardbranson

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@richardbranson @Virgin_Orbit When will you announce VGAC plans? Many are invested in your name

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@richardbranson @Virgin_Orbit We also look forward to hearing about a new flight window for Virgin Galactic 😃🚀

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@apollozac Profile picture Zac Hall // SE


 2 weeks ago

@richardbranson @Virgin_Orbit Hoping your flight is in the cards for 2021

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@silentsufferer5 Profile picture frank


 2 weeks ago

@richardbranson @Virgin_Orbit I’ve recently written a book about my teenage years after my fathers suicide in 1998. This book is full of laughs but also delves into alcoholism, depression, suicidal ideations, and much more. Please Like, Share, Buy , Follow... Any Help would be greatly appreciated!

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@star95011 Profile picture Cassandra


 2 weeks ago

@richardbranson @Virgin_Orbit Woot woot #Virgin Family 💕💙

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