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 2 weeks ago
🔥 @Nlechoppa1 did his thing on this joint, check us out.  #lecheminduroi

🔥 @Nlechoppa1 did his thing on this joint, check us out. #lecheminduroi

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@Stephenzavala9 @50cent @Nlechoppa1 Ross was right. This ain't no hit. Cool for a tv show intro but this is far from a hit. And the little skinny jean wearing guy was terrible

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@50cent @Nlechoppa1 His verse was outstanding y’all got to do more joints together

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@50cent @Nlechoppa1 And Rick Ross said you can’t make hits anymore. Starting 2021 with a hit! 💥

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 2 weeks ago

@50cent @Nlechoppa1 Gangsta 💯

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 2 weeks ago

@50cent @Nlechoppa1 Thank you

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@50cent @Nlechoppa1 Put me on the show!!!

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@50cent @Nlechoppa1 Yo world what’s yahll cashapp? Ima artist from the East coast trying to spread my music around the 🌎 & my dream is to get @drake ft on my single “Back2Business”! Im cashapp’n $10 to first 10 ppl to @drake under and tell him hop on! Drop $ tags below 🤟🏾

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Huge congratulations to @catarinamacario on her #USWNT debut tonight 👏

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My starting line up for the next Columbia Match
Naeher- GK
Sauerbrunn- Defense
Dahlkemper- Defense
Krieger- Defense
O'Hara- Defense
Dunn- Mid
Lavelle- Mid
S. Mewis- Mid
Horan- Mid
Williams- Forward
K. Mewis- Foward

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#USWNT somebody get @mewis_k some tighter shorts please. She seemed quite distracted with pulling up her shorts.

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If Trump is going down, he's taking everyone with him.
#CapitolRiot #TrumpsNewArmy #Melania #TheBachelor #AllAmerican #WWERaw #911onFOX #USWNT #1776Commission #Dominion

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we keep getting these nice lovely moments of joy with the #uswnt via zoom, but also wow I sure am ready to experience these moments again in person

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#teammewis #saucysonnett #thegreathoran #USWNT I must have been a very good girl since the last game because this gave me everything I wanted except an epic Alyssa save.

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