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The #Confetti Expanded Edition is out now 🎉

Including all the songs from Confetti, as well as Sweet Melody (Acoustic), Bounce Back, One I've Been Missing and loadsss of remixes ❤️

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@LittleMix BRB going to get 🙈

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@LittleMix Cute

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@LittleMix period

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@LittleMix we love to see it !!

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Never forget. Remember for the future

#HolocaustRemembranceDay | #NeverAgain | #WeRemember |

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Today on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, #WeRemember the systematic murder of six million Jews by the evil Nazi regime. #NeverAgain

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After viewing The Tattooed Torah, the students from Mme Farzana's Grade 6 class overwhelming hoped that THE HOLOCAUST WOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN and thought that LIVES AND HEARTS WERE BROKEN, but TRADITIONS AND DETERMINATION ENDURE. #WeRemember #NeverAgain @Liberation_75

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🕯27 de gener, Dia Internacional en Memòria de les Víctimes de l'Holocaust, aniversari de l'alliberament d' #Auschwitz🕯Avui recordar és més necessari que mai. #SiguesLlumEnmigDeLaFoscor #BetheLightintheDarkness #HolocaustMemorialDay #XarxaMaiMés #NeverAgain #ShoesOnTheDanubeBank

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Remembering and honouring the more than six million Jewish victims of the holocaust and the survivors.
#WeRemember  and together we must vow #NeverAgain.

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@AAIUSA Say the #NeverAgain part to Palestinian mothers fathers children and their grandparents while looking them in the eyes ...then tell me what you see!
#NoJusticeNoPeace !!!

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