Khush Amdeed @virginatlantic to 🇵🇰 ! History made - another zabardast news for 🇬🇧& 🇵🇰

Delighted to join @richardbranson in the video message here!

🙌🏽 #UKPakDosti @sayedzbukhari

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@gulrezmojez Profile picture gulrez mojez


 1 month ago

@FAZALKARIMHUNZA @CTurnerFCDO @VirginAtlantic @richardbranson @sayedzbukhari The open sky policy was introduced by NS. The present govt can however take credit for getting PIA banned across Europe

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 1 month ago

@CTurnerFCDO @VirginAtlantic @richardbranson @sayedzbukhari Jumma Mubarak ho

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 1 month ago

@CTurnerFCDO @VirginAtlantic @richardbranson @sayedzbukhari This is very good news and it will not digest by Sharif family and Zardari family.
Ahsan Iqbal will say negotiation begin during PMLN tenure.

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 1 month ago

@CTurnerFCDO @VirginAtlantic @richardbranson @sayedzbukhari Looking forward to flying with @VirginAtlantic very soon from Heathrow to Islamabad InshAllah

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 1 month ago

@CTurnerFCDO @PTIofficial @VirginAtlantic @richardbranson @sayedzbukhari WELDONE

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@CTurnerFCDO @VirginAtlantic @richardbranson That is why We should declare the year 2021, The year of our Dosti, I am proposing events across UK/Pakistan that can help further in boosting Trade and Tourism! I am sure @VirginAtlantic would support too!

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 1 month ago

@CTurnerFCDO @VirginAtlantic @richardbranson @sayedzbukhari Great news! Thank you :) why not Karachi though? Why only to Islamabad and Lahore?

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 1 month ago

@CTurnerFCDO @VirginAtlantic @richardbranson @sayedzbukhari Thank you Sir Richard Branson, Ambassador Turner, Minister Bukhari and Virgin Atlantic.

Warm Heart Welcome to Pakistan 💐🎂

خوش آمدید

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@CTurnerFCDO @VirginAtlantic @richardbranson @sayedzbukhari Incredible work Christian, ❤️

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@CTurnerFCDO @VirginAtlantic @richardbranson @sayedzbukhari Great news ! Proud to welcome Int airlines choosing to start business in Pakistan

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#ThankYouAaron for not responding to my tweets :***(

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@PatMcAfeeShow @AaronRodgers12 #ThankYouAaron we appreciate you joining the boys every tuesday

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Loved watching you on @PatMcAfeeShow every Tuesday!!

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@PatMcAfeeShow @AaronRodgers12 #ThankYouAaron we will be joining u on saturday

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