@tim_cook Profile picture Tim Cook


 1 month ago

Quoted @DenmarkTechSC

Exciting news! Denmark Technical College is thrilled to be part of @Apple's Community Education Initiative & to bring coding and creativity into our community. We can't wait to bring this program to life.

#CSEdWeek #EveryoneCanCode #EveryoneCanCreate

Great to be working with @DenmarkTechSC and nearly three dozen HBCUs to empower future entrepreneurs, leaders and creators!

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@jgni Profile picture Jan G. Laursen


 1 month ago

@overwatch3560 @tim_cook Yes. No problem.

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@_steve2_ Profile picture Steve Mahoney


 1 month ago

@tim_cook @DenmarkTechSC morning/evening Tim - how's the travel schedule

I have some new ideas for the @Apple roadmap that I'll run past ya

all good stuff

Love it you are working with the Technical Schools and Community Colleges

cc @dcsdk12

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@tim_cook @DenmarkTechSC Tillykke! 😊😁

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@kcarm8 Profile picture Keith Carmichael


 1 month ago

@tim_cook @DenmarkTechSC This is awesome! Thank you @tim_cook !

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@MurchieJosh Profile picture Josh Murchie


 1 month ago

@RealJoseph123 @tim_cook @DenmarkTechSC They will be great but I think they are expensive in comparison to competitors who have similar features. However we’ve not seen these yet so they could twice as good in which then it might be worth it.

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@tim_cook Cant you give me AirPods max?

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@RealJoseph123 Profile picture Joe


 1 month ago

@tim_cook @DenmarkTechSC Thank you, Tim! 👑 🍎 Love the new release of the AirPods Max! 💙 🎧

Don’t let yourself or anyone else listen to the unconstucive criticism on Twitter, like everyone suddenly knows everything about Apple.

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@PriyankIND Profile picture Priyank Gupta


 1 month ago

@tim_cook @DenmarkTechSC Will there be an SE version to the airpods max? 🤪😂😜

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¡ #RayaAndTheLastDragon estrena póster!

5 de marzo en cines y en #DisneyPlus Premier Access.

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#RayaAndTheLastDragon could not have come at a better time as I had to deal with my own issues of who I can trust last year. #DisneyRaya

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Awkwafina’s Disney Character Compared to Robin Williams’s Genie
#rayaandthelastdragon #disneyraya #disneyplus #disneymovies

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El acceso Premier #RayaAndTheLastDragon  estará disponible por una tarifa adicional única de $ 29.99 en los EE. UU. Variará ligeramente en otros países,

Hoy se estreno su nuevo trailer

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I don't trust anyone who doesn't think #RayaAndTheLastDragon looks good

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The trailer for Raya and the Last Dragon is out!

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Super fier de voir la culture asiatique aussi bien représentée dans l'univers de #RayaAndTheLastDragon ! 💚 L'animation est magnifique dans ce nouveau trailer, on espère admirer le film sur grand écran (prévu le 3 mars en France pour le moment). 🐉

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