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 1 month ago

u guys want to see little h for #louiesasbabies ?

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#GoBills! #BillsMafia ... THIS was the play that sealed it! #BALvsBUF

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Tonight @RossTuckerNFL bet against the #Bills , took the #Ravens and lost.

He then has the balls to act like he's "one of us" in celebrating the win.

The man is a charlatan - no faith. And as such, he should recieve no quarter. Lord knows my petty ass won't forget it #BALvsBUF

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I will create @wordpress
gravity forms in 2 hours
My @Behance
Order Me:

#WordPress #wordpresswebsite #BillsMafia #balvsbuf

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Incredible 101 yard INT for a touchdown! Ravens at Bills #BALvsBUF

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