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 1 month ago

My neighbor has started a group on Nextdoor to help other neighbors in need “one at a time” this week we are gathering toys for a family with 6 kids. #CaptureKindness

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Congrats on the second year in a row winning the Chili Bowl Nationals!!👌🔥🏁 @KyleLarsonRacin #ChiliBowl2021

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Man what an awesome #ChiliBowl2021 never watched the event entirely but holy shit do I wanna attend this event someday. What an awesome event and hats off to @KyleLarsonRacin for winning back to back! Really felt bad for @CBellRacing with that nasty flip but overall a great race

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Special thanks to @loudpedaltv , @_TylerBurnett , @SpeedShiftHaley , @ChetChristner , @gspvideo for not only making the #ChiliBowl2021 a success but elevating the #TulsaShootout to new heights as well!

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@cbnationals still the best screengrab from the #ChiliBowl2021

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Unfortunately our @cbnationals
ends with a 17th place DNF. Blake drove one heck of a race up to 7th. Thank you everyone for such a fun and fast week. #chilibowl2021 #BHR52

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@FloRacing thank you so much for 2020 and the 2021 shootout and #ChiliBowl2021.
It has been a blast to follow you and the crew. I’m looking forward to the whole 2021 season! See you at the best track and see you back in @NASCAR @KyleLarsonRacin 😊🏁

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