// suicide / transphobia

#startcisshaming uk trans teens are in danger. hormone blockers may be banned for people under the age of 16. this could lead to mass s*icide. Horome blockers can be reversed. +

this is for real problem here
But dont take #startcisshaming to seriously it just spread the word around

and to cisgender people (like me) lets not get our butt hurt about it

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Lord Kabir Ji
कबीर परमेश्वर जी जिंदा सन्त रूप में जम्भेश्वर जी महाराज (बिश्नोई धर्म प्रवर्तक) को समराथल में आकर मिले थे। अपना तत्वज्ञान समझाया। उन्होंने अपनी वाणी में प्रमाण दिया -
जो जिन्दो हज काबे जाग्यो

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We will be back before you know it!

Have a great week, remember it's all about it the little wins.

Be kind to yourself, every little helps.

We believe in you!


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Working really hard at things for long periods of time > instant gratification.

#Fact #MondayMotivation

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It's Monday. Ready to really dig in this week? Let's get after it. #mondaymotivation
#HomeInspector #inspection #InspectionBusiness #PersonalGrowth #BusinessGrowth #Inspectors #homeinspection #entrepreneurlife #positivemindset

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If you got a Dream , don't chase it live it till it feels like you made it.


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