To whoever is spreading #startcisshaming you aren’t helping with trans rights btw. Next time, don’t spread hate. I support trans people, just don’t pull this shit.

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@LemonSnipe And if someone said trans shaming is that a joke? Both are stupid and are just racist.

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 1 month ago

@jackie75224056 bro.. it's a joke my guy

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@cmclymer Where Ms. Clymer is a beloved national treasure! #WeAreDC

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I have so many great pics of this city and neighborhood that it is hard to choose just a few. #51stState #WeAreDC

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Local DC SW neighborhood Buddhist Temple & Meditation Center #SWDC #WeAreDC #DCStatehood #BuddhismDC #meditationDC #innerpeace #peaceofmind

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Yeah ironic part about Donald Trump is that he accomplish things that Democrats could never. For example Democrats only had a pure political reason for #DCStatehood prior and it’s completely obvious the #PuertoRicoStatehood is necessary after the government response #WeAreDC 1/2

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More trans and non-binary people per capita here than anywhere else in the country. The District has been a leader in LGBTQ equality. Proud to live here, where all are welcomed and affirmed in our own skin.


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If you didn't like ❤️..
this might be a mini referendum!

#WeAreDC #BeGone

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