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 1 month ago

Watch | "Farmers in Punjab have worked hard since 1966. We provide 40% to the food pool": Punjab CM Amarinder Singh to NDTV

#FarmLaws #NDTVExclusive

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 1 month ago

@ndtv Now, this protest is hijacked by vested interest groups.

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@ndtv This is incorrect.
40% of only some commodities.

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@ndtv Where is the name of Punjab in quality product now,in all adds it's m.p

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Not #feetgate 😂😂😂😂😂 #RHOD

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😂😂 at Kameron’s list of things she doesn’t eat..... eyeballs, scales, tails, bones..... #RHOD

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So Kary can't travel to Saint Tropez because of COVID, but to make it up to her they could have a big Saint Tropez-themed party? But...COVID. #RHOD

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So glad we have that Block option! #RHOD

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This fat botoxed troll has the GALL to complain about #Stephanie? #RHOD #Travis

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I would have never thought after Kameron’s first season that today I would be saying #RHOD is her show. You love to see it.

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@queensofbravo @dandrasimmons @KamWestcott @karybrittingham @TiffanyMoonMD @jendavislong @BrandiRedmond @stephhollman They just had to get rid of that god awful LeAnne and boom #RHOD

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