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 2 months ago

Tech It Out: #China's Chang'e-5 probe tasked to bring back lunar rocks and soil samples

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@CGTNOfficial Why, are they in breach of the National Security Law there too?

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@CGTNOfficial Lunar soil is so expensive that only
strong economy can pay for that
precious soils.

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When my cats put their minds together.... they see what a terrible person she is. It's not hard!

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“Pale hairless apes in Georgia elected @mtgreenee, a racist #LowIQAnon gun nut who harasses mass shooting survivors & urges assassination or execution for political opponents? Y’all got issues.”

Barnaby shook his head #catsjudgingmarjorie

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#catsjudgingmarjorie Ivy is a lover but @RepMTG brings out this scrappy rescue's fight instinct. Invading our Capitol to harm public servants? The ongoing menacing & conspiracies? Harassing #davidhogg? Expel #MarjorieTaylorGreene !

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