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 1 month ago

Watch | UP CM Yogi Adityanath holds roadshow in #Hyderabad ahead of civic body polls

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 1 month ago

@arunesh0_12 @ndtv who's fault ppl who give or who take????

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 1 month ago

@ndtv So, Corona is a pandemic and social distancing norms are only for the protesting Farmers?

Why is this BJP CM not following social distancing norms?

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@ndtv Thanks to all the BJP c ministers for this ...

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@ndtv This is a big Joke!!
@myogiadityanath your lies may win UP but not #GHMCElection2020
Our city is F***king too large and broad for you to touch!!
We are educated and cautious towards growth!!
Not to go back to stone ages!!
@revanth_anumula @RahulGandhi @manickamtagore @KVishReddy

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 1 month ago

@ndtv Why is he here

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@ndtv No excitement🤣

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 1 month ago
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Between what Kameron said in this and last weeks’ episodes and what she said on WWHL last week... I’m just very uncomfortable with her attitude towards Tiffany. #RHOD

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Tiffany is that she takes everything too seriously and tries to give a lesson with every comment. Hope she learns to chill out and just have fun. Maybe not as Kary, but still 😜 #RHOD

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A new Queen has been crowned #RHOD

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Kameron, DONT tell someone from China about their country and what people eat there #RHOD

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I fucks with Tiffany, but you know, every Housewife is disappointing at some point. I just hope she can knock Kameron down several pegs. #RHOD

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During the After Show, our @BravoTV experts showed some love to #RHOD's newest Housewife @TiffanyMoonMD!

Head to our YouTube channel for more #WWHL moments.

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We need more of @TiffanyMoonMD daughters. All they wanted was huh from grammie. #RHOD

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Tiffany says Kary kept bullying her about drinking, and then subsequently proceeds to aggressively press kam into eating chicken feet.

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