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 1 month ago

Euneirophrenia (noun):

The peaceful state of mind you experience after a nice dream.

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@UberFacts What do you mean? I usually wake up scared of the gargantuan tarantula that has been cahing me through paris for the last 5 days.

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@UberFacts Love this

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 1 month ago

@bg_morose @UberFacts 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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 1 month ago

@UberFacts What’s a nice dream?

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@UberFacts (Pls follow for more such facts)💡💡💡

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@UberFacts I would love to experience this sometime

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 1 month ago

@UberFacts Shitosheetopenia: What you sometimes experience after an intense nightmare.

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The match makers put Paige in a fucked up situation. She got a dog nigga that wanna use her as his personal teacher. I’m disappointed in the experts not picking that up. #MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight

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Haley is Not feeling Jacob! Can’t blame her! #MarriedAtFirstSight

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Chris doesn't have a filter and his ignorance beyond me.. #MarriedAtFirstSight

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That’s It...


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Ryan isn’t attracted to Clara #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

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Can't wait for the bald and the beautiful! #MarriedAtFirstSight

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Chris is all of the worst husbands on this show assembled together like Voltron

...Zach, Brandon,Luke ----- and do I detect a hint of Michael's struggles with telling the truth? 🤔

#MAFS #MarriedAtFirstSight

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