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 1 month ago

Millions of front line workers — like the firefighters and nurses I called today — worked away from their families on Thanksgiving. Our nation is grateful to all of you.

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 1 month ago

@amazingnf @JoeBiden i'm not even american and i want him to be my president

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 1 month ago

@TotalHansi @JoeBiden Who’s gonna tell him that Alaska is in the u.s.

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 1 month ago

@JoeBiden I speak for every true American citizen when I say that the 45th president definitely didn’t deserve a 1st term and he absolutely doesn’t deserve a 2nd term

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 1 month ago

@JoeBiden Trump cannot pardon himself.

Pursuant to an OLC-DOJ policy, under the fundamental rule that no one may be a judge in his own case, POTUS cannot pardon himself.

Any pardon carries an implicit imputation of guilt & accepting a pardon is an admission of guilt.

—The Supreme Court

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 1 month ago

@JoeBiden I see it as a divide along deep values of humanism, respect for others, bigotry, and countless other sins against humanity. So thankful I do not have to deal with this....I would have to let family members go who think tRump is right....no second thoughts!

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@JoeBiden President Joe is the best.

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 1 month ago

@JoeBiden Youll never be my president🤬🤬 im moving to alaska😍😍 Where ill be greeted with open arms😌😌

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 1 month ago

@JoeBiden Dear President Biden:

Last night, with ACB in the majority, the Supreme Court reversed an RBG-era precedent and elevated organized religion over state power to combat COVID.

The troglodytes are in the majority now.

We must expand the Supreme Court to unpack the Supreme Court.

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 1 month ago

@JoeBiden you’re not my president

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#OneDayIDreamedThat Sonya Deville should enter the #WomensRumble at the #RoyalRumble so she can kick anyone’s butt. #DoBetter #WWE

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#OneDayIDreamedThat I had taken the BLUE pill 💊

@MagicalMondays @Karminatarian @quickbear @DaRealDJ_Sekret @HashtagRoundup

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#OneDayIDreamedThat I want to move into different @Walmart because doing Maintenance Work alone during the day is quite half challenging at some point

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#OneDayIDreamedThat the world was filled with peace, love, joy, and happiness.❤️💙💜💖

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#OneDayIDreamedThat civil debate facilitating the sharing and exchange of different ideas would make a comeback in the US.

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