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 2 months ago

If I was good at video editing I would make a 1 hour+ video of how vloggers react when they found out Abel is not nominated at the Grammys. #WeLoveYouAbel

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 2 months ago

@NewsWeeknd I can help!!!

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 2 months ago

@NewsWeeknd i can do it, can you collect the videos (as links or whatever)

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 2 months ago

@NewsWeeknd do it

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 2 months ago

@NewsWeeknd I wanna see it!!!

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 2 months ago

@NewsWeeknd I’m so sure he’s seen plenty already, but it’s amazing how the entire world is in agreement that he got robbed. Shows how great after hours was ❤️

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 2 months ago

@NewsWeeknd omg yes, it’s actually insane how much support he’s gotten all over

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@NewsWeeknd do It!!! and also, saturday night will we upload the tag "Abel deserves the world"? please!

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 2 months ago

@NewsWeeknd do it!!

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@NewsWeeknd Do it, please!

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