How do we avoid future authoritarians? Winning back the working class is key | Bernie Sanders

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@KjMcelrath @guardianopinion @BernieSanders It sounds good. There’s only one problem: As with every system, it’s great on paper, but it takes human behavior out of the equation. Human beings are human beings. Some are kind, some can learn, and some are bad

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@HidehiroAnto @guardianopinion Wrong thread. Head on over to parlor

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@silkiestmaria @guardianopinion @BernieSanders It's the majority of the country that doesn't vote because no one represents their interests.

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@guardianopinion @BernieSanders ***********PAYING the working class

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@guardianopinion @BernieSanders what is this working class you speak of? it's apparently not Black and not low-income, because Dems have lost neither of those groups.

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@guardianopinion @BernieSanders Authoritarians thrive in an environment of economic insecurity. As long as there is money and debt, this insecurity will remain. Take a look at this alternative that eliminates money and debt:

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@guardianopinion @BernieSanders who is winning them back from whom
Seems obvious when the system works for workers instead of against them it will be easy to win their support for that leadership.

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@guardianopinion Progressives have hundreds of opportunities to win important seats in 2021 like VA and NJ legislatures, local offices across the US.

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@guardianopinion Progressives, the most important thing we can do is to flood onto the ballots each year by running for local and state offices in order to gain enough leverage to win big at the highest levels of govt. That is what this volunteer organization is singularly focused on. Join us!

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Here are all the elections in 2021:


There are BIG opportunities to encourage progressives to run for these state and local races and build our bottom-up political revolution! *This must be our viral strategy! Please share*

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Wow. @ReginaKing @Powerkeni amazing work! And that final scene with @leslieodomjr singing A Change is Gonna Come...subhanallah it brought tears to my eyes. All the artists involved with #OneNightInMiami blessed us.

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Replying to @AlexLukeWood: My interview with @Powerkeni – the film version of his hit play #OneNightInMiami is available on Amazon Prime now.

Truly great cinema with some masterclass turns. #theatre

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This film should make noise in the award season, let that be known. #OneNightInMiami

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Listen @AldisHodge I’ve been in love with your work and you since you were on TNT’s leverage but wow #OneNightInMiami was phenomenal BRAVO!! @ReginaKing prepare your acceptance speech!!!

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Just finished #OneNightInMiami and @ReginaKing you did your thing girl!🙌🏾🙌🏾. Casting was spot on. So crazy to see somebody else play Malcolm X. I was impressed with @kingsleybenadir 👏🏾👏🏾 I really enjoyed the film and though their were great points from each character.

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Replying to @GianPisacane: Presentato fuori concorso a #Venezia77, arriva oggi su Amazon Prime Video "One Night in Miami" di Regina King. La recensione è su #OneNightInMiami #ReginaKing
- cinematografoIT

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#onenightinmiami is a must see film! What a wonderful story directed by @iamreginaking and amazing performances by @aldis_hodge @leslieodomjr @kingbenadir @therealeligoree

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