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 1 month ago

Watch Falcon 9 launch 60 Starlink satellites →

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@FreeThi49804457 @SpaceX Around noon.. everyday

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@SpaceX Yay

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 1 month ago

@SpaceX 100th launch and 7th launch and recovery!!

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 1 month ago
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@SpaceX Done! We're here!

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 1 month ago

@SpaceX Hell yeah. New intro!

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@IkawPar68972667 we should give more value on companies focusing on this sector #SunriseCelebration #fridaynightfunkin

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@GenZUniteNation I was awake but not dressed. No sunrise view from inside the house; didn't reckon the neighbors would appreciate a fat old broad taking pix in the yard stark nekkid. Still, #sunrisecelebration!

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A new Dawn. A new Day. I am feeling good for the first time in years! @PeteButtigieg #SunriseCelebration

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Trump's reign of terror is over.

I woke up with a song in my heart, knowing that @potus Joe Biden and @vp Kamala Harris will #BuildBackBetter !


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This is the sunrise I've spent years looking forward to. The first sunrise when Trump is no longer president. @PeteButtigieg spoke about it in such vivid detail, but this morning I feel especially hopeful.

#SunriseCelebration #MorningPete #TeamPete #BidenHarris2021

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