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While this team has unmatched experience and accomplishments, they also reflect the idea that we cannot meet the challenges we face with old thinking or unchanged habits.

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@ExWtv @JoeBiden Trump supporters are NOT Christians

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@FlyTheWTonight @JoeBiden Will not make it 4 years

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@JoeBiden Not prosecuting Nixon did not incentivize future Presidents to flout the rule of law, because Nixon was forced to resign in disgrace.

Not Trump.

President Biden should not interfere should his A.G. decide to prosecute Donald Trump.

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@JoeBiden I speak for every true American citizen when I say that the 45th president definitely didnโ€™t deserve a 1st term and he absolutely doesnโ€™t deserve a 2nd term

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@JoeBiden My president

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@JoeBiden Make Election Day a national holiday, President Biden.

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@JoeBiden hi joe

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@JoeBiden king

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@JoeBiden This might interest you

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#ReasonsYouJoinedTwitter because I got lonely on MySpace

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To live tweet the oscars and sporting events #ReasonsYouJoinedTwitter

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#ReasonsYouJoinedTwitter up to 17 impressions

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Needed somewhere to ramble. #ReasonsYouJoinedTwitter have not had Facebook for over 8 yrs

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#ReasonsYouJoinedTwitter A coping mechanism for politics.

USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ : Trump & the GOP
Canada ๐Ÿ : Scheer & the Conservatives

As a result I voted in Canada for the first time in the last election and so proud to have done so.

If I could've voted for Biden I would have.

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