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 1 month ago

Who among us hasn’t picked up a phone call from our mother that ultimately ended in making a full course dinner? @SarahMGellar and @DohertyShannen definitely have at least. @Kroger #ad

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@Umbrella_guard Profile picture Mike


 1 month ago

@funnyordie @SarahMGellar @DohertyShannen @kroger I would disown a family that demanded a online web conference to accompany a menu that they hand picked for me to eat on screen for them at my expense .

Even Brittany Spears is not enslaved that badly by her family and they put her in actual legal chains !

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 1 month ago

@funnyordie @SarahMGellar @DohertyShannen @kroger Me...she been passed almost 8 yrs... But this year I COOKED

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@Gwen19920579 Profile picture Gwen


 1 month ago

@funnyordie @SarahMGellar @DohertyShannen @kroger Shannon's knifework is abyssmal.

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 1 month ago

@funnyordie @SarahMGellar @DohertyShannen @kroger I dont get it

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