We must never "normalize" authoritarianism. In ways that would've been beyond belief a few years ago, Trump and his team, through outrageous lies and conspiracy theories, are undermining American democracy. They must not and will not succeed.

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@AnthonyJGriffi3 @BernieSanders I wish Bernie was a radical as Republicans say he is

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 1 week ago

@SalCostello @BernieSanders This is the most boomer thing I’ve ever seen.

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 1 week ago

@horny__yoda @BernieSanders You're everywhere horning up every thread I read, and I don't hate it.

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@BernieSanders Between light & shadow, science & superstition, at the pit of our fears & the summit of our knowledge sits a nation's worst nightmare. A monster of racism, fascism & narcissism who, in a state of infantile denial tantrum, seeks to destroy the very thing that made him. Democracy.

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@BernieSanders Communism.. is better? Huh

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 1 week ago

@BernieSanders Trump is trying to pull a Mussolini. He can still do it. He can delegitimize the Presidency so much to his base they won't even take the Presidency seriously and will instead follow Trump as their leader. Everyone should be freaking out about this.

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 1 week ago

@BernieSanders We must never “normalize” not being horny.

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