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 5 days ago

Full text: Remarks by Chinese President #XiJinping at the Leaders' Side Event on Safeguarding the Planet of the #G20RiyadhSummit

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 5 days ago

@CGTNOfficial Going great exploiting tibetans nature and people?

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@MattyGeeG @Lrihendry Here is the thing. I don’t believe media. And I don’t believe you or #DiaperDonald. One thing is clear. People@like me have had enough of the con artist lying and manipulating. Done, over. There is zero evidence anyone stole votes. If there was, DOJ would have locked them up.

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@jaredkushner @realDonaldTrump we’d like to propose a new vehicle for the #SpaceForce arsenal. It’s called the super boat-plane-tank-copter-moto. You can put Jared in charge of production. Let us know how many orders you’d like. #DiaperDonald

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#DiaperDonald still ripping people off as usual.

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#DiaperDonald keep those donations coming chumps

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