This dynamic repeats itself over and over: conservative elites thinking they can control and manage mobs and demagogues and then getting bit in the ass. In my opinion this is the entire story of the modern American right.

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@Th3Maver1ck @lionel_trolling Quite a bit of that from the right as well.

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@lionel_trolling Proving there is not even a fraction of an inch for critical thinking on the far right. Sadly, similarly for the far left, I suppose. But the dangerous conspiracy theories screamed from the far right are frightening, and that's the difference.

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@lionel_trolling “Hypnotic sound of sirens
Echoing through the street
The cocking of the rifles
The marching of the feet
You see your world on fire
Don't try to act surprised
We did just what you told us
Lost our faith along the way
And found ourselves believing your lies”


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@lionel_trolling If by 'bit in the ass' you mean 'exactly what they want.'

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@xjippyx Profile picture xjippyx


 6 days ago

@lionel_trolling GOP = profits over people

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@lionel_trolling Seriously… You guys do a lot of projecting.

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I wrote about this pattern here —

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Lamar where is your older daughters ice cream??? Why have you rarely seen her and bough the younger daughter?? Wrong timing. Ver disappointing! #loveafterlockup #LifeAfterLockup

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BigFohead pays no child support but claims he's a good dad and this dumb bitch goes along with it

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Haley. You don’t even know the whole story. Girl. #loveafterlockup

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Any woman that willingly does anything with Michael is raggedy, has low self-esteem and zero standards. #LifeAfterLockup #loveafterlockup

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Wetv producers wrong as hell for zooming in on Andreas Ate off edges. #LoveAfterLockUp #LifeAfterLockUp

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Destinie thought she was pregnant whole time she was full of shit the fuckery is real. 😂😂😂😭😭 #LifeAfterLockup #LoveAfterLockup

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Why are the kids always the smartest ones on this damn show #LifeAfterLockup #loveafterlockup

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