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Xianniang #mulan #disney @disneyplushotstarid
Styled by @bimopermadi @dior
Make up by @archangelachelsea
Hair by @ranggayusuf @ Jakarta, Indonesia

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@LunaMaya26 @BimoPermadi @Dior @ranggayusuf Cantik mempesona @LunaMaya26 😍 seperti karakter Xianniang yg diperankan Gong Li👍

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Brandon mom such a bitch, just like fkn Brandon. #90DayFiance

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Brandon's dad speaks from experience about marriage he's been a failure three times before he met this one that hooked him #90DayFiance

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So, Yara is stuck in New Orleans and is eating a burrito she microwaved and iced coffee everyday - girl, google fun things to do in New Orleans and what foods it has to offer. Are you that uneducated? #90DayFiance

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I think Betty wants Brandon’s 🍆. It’s creepy. #90DayFiance

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Lmaooo Yara is my spirit animal. She said wtf she said and that’s that on that. #90DayFiance

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@PigsBFlying She needs to saddle up that #highhorse and go on. Ugh. #90DayFiance

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I die everytime they show this shopping cart in the middle of this empty warehouse apartment #90dayfiance

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Michael.. throw that ring into the fires of Mordor. Natalie is the embodiment of Sméagol. #90dayfiance

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