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So proud to be part of Disney’s Mulan @disneyplushotstarid @yukikt @dionwiyoko @ Jakarta, Indonesia

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@LunaMaya26 @yukikt @dionwiyoko She is be correct, darling. So nice and so sweet darling. No time to be better withen you and i is it now. I love you, well come to my tweet, my sweet heart.

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@LunaMaya26 @yukikt @dionwiyoko Selamat pagi neng Luna cantik

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@LunaMaya26 @yukikt @dionwiyoko Turut bangga @LunaMaya26 cantik😍 tergabung di @DisneyPlusID di Mulan sbg dubber Xianniang👍...next smoga diajak main film @DisneyStudios

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Can’t believe Drew Brees went out Sad like that to End his Career.. #TBvsNO

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#AllClass these two guys. The @NFL is going to have to look far & wide to replace these two gentlemen of the game. #TBvsNO @TomBrady #GoBucs @drewbrees #Saints

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#tbvsno #NFL #NFLPlayoffs #NFLDivisional #DivisionalRound #Saints #Bucs #buccaneers #TomBrady #DrewBrees

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I don't understand what the Saints coaching staff was thinking. They only had Drew Brees in for one play, and it was a huge bomb for a touchdown, but then they put back in Jameis Winston and he started tossing up INTs.



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Tom Brady is going to his 23rd Conference Championship or Super Bowl.

That is more than the 2 QB's combined: Montana and Elway are tied for 2nd with 11. #TBvsNO #NFLPlayoff

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While #Brady wins #TBvsNO this happens in the state of #Florida

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QB mode off...Dad mode on. I like it! Best thing I’ve seen on Twitter today! #TBvsNO @TomBrady @drewbrees

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