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@OMG_WHISKEY @BernieSanders Is that in front of Trump tower??

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The major political conflict we face now is not over policy. It's about whether or not we remain a democracy. Frighteningly, many Republican officials are abandoning the rule of law to become part of the Trump authoritarian cult. We will fight back and win.

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@KalistoWWE @SashaBanksWWE We know that's right! She's the BLUEPRINT of being the LEGIT BO$$! #SmackDown

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Dare I say it, but Sasha Banks is showing why she's the best in the women's division. Pure hard work. #SmackDown #SmackDownLIVE

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Sasha’s transitions 🥵

Now I want more IG wrestling this was dope


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El ha hablado. Roman aclara que le dio a Paul el micrófono para que hiciera lo que el mejor sabe no que lo retará a un combate y por lo que entendí Paul estará solo en el combate. #SmackDown

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@Inside_TheRopes I can only imagine what it looks like on a true 8k tv. That right there is the future, and will look amazing with a sea of people at the first true true event #SmackDown

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Sasha vs Reginald was fun #SmackDown

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La Campeona de #SmackDown @SashaBanksWWE quiere mandarle un mensaje a @CarmellaWWE a través de su asistente @ReginaldWWE 😎🏅💙

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