If Congress doesn’t act, 12 million Americans could lose unemployment aid by the end of the year

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@washingtonpost Lol they’ve had months, they don’t give af about us.

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 2 weeks ago

@washingtonpost GOP does not care at all about Americans suffering. We all must know that by now. They are literally telling their people everyday to go hang out without a mask, eat massive thanksgiving dinners indoors and not to worry about the virus. Why does the GOP like seeing Americans die?

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@TheRealArtWood @washingtonpost Companies aren't hiring..at least none of the office/retail I've applied all this year.

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@washingtonpost Open up, let people work

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@washingtonpost Bitch about staying home? Then PAY FOR IT.

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@washingtonpost Or...the governors could just let people go back to work...if their businesses haven't collapsed yet

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