Today, the student debt crisis reached $1,771,499,332,612

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@lizyeager23 @DebtCrisisOrg Good question tbh

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@Big_Poppa59 @DebtCrisisOrg Community Colleges in the US cost ~10k in tuition

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@DebtCrisisOrg Is this just federal or private too

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@DebtCrisisOrg Please consider alternatives like lowering the interest rates on all types of school loans. My average interest rate is 5.8%.... Why does the government and colleges profit off our hard work for education?

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@DebtCrisisOrg Cancel student debt. All of it

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I actually like the series YALL being too hard on it it’s not the movie and Selena will never be recreated so stop with high expectations it’s a tv show not a reality show or who is the best impersonator whoever y’all thought could play her maybe isn’t a good actor #SelenaNetflix

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I’m trying to give this show a chance but...

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6:12 am. Cantando “Como la flor” y llorando como Magdalena. Bye. #SelenaNetflix #SelenaLaSerie

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Laura Canales died on April 16th.. Selenas birthday

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five minutes into the first episode and the only thing I’ve liked is the intro #SelenaNetflix

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Eek the reviews for Selena’s new show not looking to great I’m still going to watch it and see how it is 🤷🏼‍♀️ #SelenaNetflix

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‘Aunque soy pobre todo esto que te doy vale más que el dinero porque sí es amor’... 🥰❤️

#SelenaNetflix #Selena

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Should I watch #SelenaNetflix? I’ll try the first 2 episodes and see...

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