I always find it amusing when our opponents talk about the “far-left” agenda.

The truth is our ideas are common sense ideas that the majority of the American people support.

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@BernieSanders sorry dude i'm watching a minecraft war

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 1 week ago

@BernieSanders And extremely popular in so much of the world that we're lagging behind.

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 1 week ago

@BernieSanders They frame things from the right Bernie.

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@BernieSanders same in UK

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@BernieSanders tell em bernie

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#catsforcorpse not gonna lie, I don't know what this tag means, but I click it, I see cats, so I post my cats

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#catsforcorpse @Corpse_Husband I've had many masters in my life. All are gone, now, taken by Great Diva, Immortal Lich Cat, Eater of Souls, Keeper of the Sacred Symmetrical Front Beans: Centre Toes Pink, Outside Toes Stormy. OK, now I'm being silly-she's just 19 yrs old.🐱💗

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y’all i don’t have a cat BUT I HAVE A HAMSTER THATS ACTUALLY CUTE AND NOT MUSTY her name is mushy #catsforcorpse @Corpse_Husband

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