@SethMacFarlane Science is life. They say the world is ruled by money, no the world is ruled by chemistry and biology. ❤️

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@fuzzymufffuzz @TaliaForScience @SethMacFarlane Don't forget that all of our senses are based on vibrations; taste and smell receptor signaling is based on vibrational frequency. Theoretically you could synthesize an unrecognizable cube that tastes just like a big mac, or snozzberries. Just pray it's metabolites aren't toxic

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@EBoogerz Profile picture Eet Boogerz


 1 week ago

@TaliaForScience @SethMacFarlane Also poopin can be a fun component y'all. And trucks. Yeehaw.

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@TaliaForScience @SethMacFarlane Where where where are our physicists and mathematicians at?? Por your favour xx

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 1 week ago

@TaliaForScience @SethMacFarlane Which in turn are ruled by the wave function.

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 1 week ago

@TaliaForScience @SethMacFarlane I'll disagree. The world is controlled by physics. Atoms make up everything, including the molecules, chemicals and cells of all that is biological.

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@swhnyc @TaliaForScience @SethMacFarlane As Rutherford said, "There are 3 things in life. Physics, chemistry (which is a small branch of physics) and stamp collecting."

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@hardybuck86 @TaliaForScience @SethMacFarlane Nah, the world is ruled by science. No amount of money on the world can stop the planet from rotating, the weather from changing, and the plates from moving under our feet.

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 1 week ago

@TaliaForScience @SethMacFarlane And chemistry and biology are ruled by physics. ;)

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 1 week ago

@TaliaForScience @SethMacFarlane The world is ruled by money. Make no mistake chemistry and biology can be easily bought!!

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With both Moderna and Pfizer announcing the successful development of a vaccine that appears to be over 90% effective, take a minute to appreciate how fucking amazing that is. A group of scientists will have beaten a novel disease less than a year after its outbreak. Go science.

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@dkiesow #DiaperDonald now receives Twitter’s 3 electoral votes.

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Can I get some clarity please?
Is it #DiaperDonald or #DiaperDon?

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#BidenCheated is trending #1 on Twitter right now.

But the odds of PRESIDENT ELECT Joe Biden ranting about that like a psychotic dickhead are at 0.0%. Ahhh, so peaceful.

Let #DiaperDonald shit himself.

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When a person acts like a very large baby, that person earns the designation #DiaperDonald

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#DiaperDonald we've had enough of your shit

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