Donald Trump will go down in history not just as a racist, sexist, xenophobe and religious bigot. He will be remembered as a demagogue who, more than anyone else, attempted to undermine the rule of law and destroy American democracy. He will not be missed.

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 2 weeks ago

@jacob_daniels14 @BernieSanders Ok look I get the frustration with certain liberal mannerisms, but a lots gotta happen before that becomes an issue worth talking about.

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 2 weeks ago

@BernieSanders you forgot homophobe too !!

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@BernieSanders Libs will rehabilitate him just as they did Bush

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@BernieSanders If trump had Snapchat

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@BernieSanders tell them bestie

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@BernieSanders Just gonna put this video of me here

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I pose to be getin ready for work but I’m watchin #SelenaNetflix

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All I gotta say is how has her hair not fallen off #SelenaNetflix

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NBC board of directors. Systemic Racism.

#blm #nbc #cnn #msnbc #foxnews #oann #newsmax #republicans #democrats #systemicracism #BlackLivesMatter #perduesaysbidenwon #SelenaNetflix #fridaymorning #BobaFett

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We gonna talk about it. Christian Serratos is bodying these Selena looks. She ain’t missin. #selenatheseries  #SelenaNetflix  #Netflix

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I really like it so far, I don’t know why people are saying it’s bad? #SelenaNetflix

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I actually like the series YALL being too hard on it it’s not the movie and Selena will never be recreated so stop with high expectations it’s a tv show not a reality show or who is the best impersonator whoever y’all thought could play her maybe isn’t a good actor #SelenaNetflix

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I’m trying to give this show a chance but...

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6:12 am. Cantando “Como la flor” y llorando como Magdalena. Bye. #SelenaNetflix #SelenaLaSerie

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