No figure in history has done more to undermine American democracy than Donald Trump. His "birther" movement tried to delegitimize the Obama presidency. His refusal to accept defeat now is trying to undermine the Biden presidency. Goodbye Trump.

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 2 weeks ago

@louisvuittonfly @BernieSanders It scares me to think that this man could just walk into a school and classrooms like that. With all the school shootings where TF is that schools security?

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@ThomB01 @BernieSanders oh hush you silly creature, he literally dropped out himself, if anything he willingly was defeated

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 2 weeks ago

@BernieSanders His refusal to concede is also killing our people with COVID-19.

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@BernieSanders "Refusal to accept defeat"? Do you have a mirror handy?

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@BernieSanders He has a right if he feels his victory was stolen.

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 2 weeks ago

@BernieSanders We need hundreds of progressives to run for 2021 local and state offices so we can gain valuable leverage and bench strength!

If you can’t run, *please* share these messages of encouragement and resources!

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@BernieSanders LAME DUCK DONALD does not have a "right" to contend that there were election crimes without any evidence.

That is an impeachable offense.

His lawyers are quitting these bogus cases for fear of losing their reputations and licenses.

Start impeachment hearing immediately.

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 2 weeks ago

@BernieSanders Just gonna put this video of me here

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 2 weeks ago

Here are all the elections in 2021:


There are BIG opportunities to encourage progressives to run for these state and local races and build our bottom-up political revolution! *This must be our viral strategy! Please share*

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