Sooo was this live material at the end or y’all was just playing? ⁦⁦@TreySongz

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@_Banks_Gawd_ @TreySongz Sis was getting her spine shifted and I too want parts lmao

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@_reTHICKulous @TreySongz Yoooo I Just Asked This The Other Day 😂

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@BxBeauty_Ni @TreySongz Thought the man slipped a mic in my room or something 😂

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@ChillGoddess1 @TreySongz Okay! That was some good content!

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@_reTHICKulous @TreySongz I swear I always wanted to know this 😂

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@_reTHICKulous @TreySongz They need a start a OnlyFans with this audio

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@brilfe Profile picture Febril


 3 weeks ago

@_reTHICKulous @TreySongz Sou eu de novo , desculpa estar atrapalhando ... é que saiu mais um som meu e com meus manos se você puder escutar eu ficaria feliz e se não puder tudo bem deixa para próxima ❤️ :

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#bathandbodyworks website keep crashing 😩

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@Angelic_Beauty9 Bath & Body Works is owned by Leslie Wexner who financed & enabled Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking operation for decades. He's also alleged to have been involved with minors.

The truth matters. Kids matter. More than candles.

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@SallyBartonArt @4a_of #bathandbodyworks
Happy birthday jack

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I woke up at 2:30 this morning to get my #bathandbodyworks candles on the website & got 14 of them. The website is currently frozen. Online shopping = pjs & warm bed 🥰

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Not me buying 6 candles during the buy 3, get 3 for free promotion last week and then buying more candles today for candle day...... #bathandbodyworks

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Not me being completely unbothered by #bathandbodyworks #candleday

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#BidenWasNotElected #Biden and John Kerry spokesman for WEF are bring about #TheGreatReset big corps and elites rule one world government over us

#COVID19 #bathandbodyworks #candleday #DoyoungYouAreLoved

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